How to make money with a domain name

There are so many ways to make money online, and having a domain name is a great way to make money online, so in this blog post titled How to make money with a domain name.

I will be showing you the step involves if you want to make money online with your domain name but before I walk you through the steps what is a domain name? at first.

What is a domain name

A domain name is the phrase or word people type into search engine to get or find your website online.

Type of domain name.

Three are different type of domain name on the internet, just for you to have a little understanding here are the type of domain name Available on the internet.

1.Top level domain (TLD)
2.conutry code top level domain.
3.Second level domain
4.Third level domain etc.

Domain name and thier abbreviation and meaning.

1. .com stands for commercial.
2. .net stands for Network.
3. .mil stands for military.
4. .gov stands for government.
5. .edu stands for education.
6. .info stands for information.

How to make money with a domain name

1.Domain name Flipping

Domain me flipping is the process in which a web master pass and purchase domain name (which can either be an expired domain name, auction domain be

or deleted domain name),For cheap amount and sell them for high amount or sell them for am amount which is higher than the amount he used for purchasing those domain name.

2.Build a website on your domain name and monitize it.

You will have to register or buys a domain ne used it to build a website which you can later montize by using google adsense service, or you can also montize the website via your affliate marketing, selling of online course,etc and sell website on your domain name.

4.Find and Buy brand companies name that don’t have a domain name yet, and make offer to sell back the domain name of thier brand name to them.

There are so many companies that don’t have an online persence yet that they don’t have a domain name let alone website on the internet.

So you will have to using a domain name register to find if you can register the name of the company asa domain name and later met the company and sell thier own company name which you will able to register as a domain name on the internet.

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