How to get traffic from google

Do you known you can get traffic from google for free, if you don’t know then in this blog post titled How to get traffic from google
I will be showing you how to get traffic from google for free.

Google is among one of the most popular search engine in the world, so popular that many internet users makes it thier number one perferred search engine by making chrome (chrome is a web browser made by google) as thier default browser while making use of google as it default search engine.

so in these blog post I will be showing you how to get traffic from google to your website for free, when it comes to getting traffic from google to your website there are some things you need to put in place in your website before google will start sending in traffic from thier platfrom to your website.

What is Google.

Google is a search engine with headquarters at the United States of America Google LLC is an American multinational technology company

that focuses on search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics, the company was founded 4 September 1998.

Why you need traffic from google.

Traffic is the blood and life of every website website traffic is what get a Website going in regard generating revenue so a getting traffic to your website is very important, there are many other ways to get traffic to your website/blog but getting traffic from google to your blog

How to get traffic from google


Before you start to write an article keyword research is important as your post are ranked under a certain keyword by google keyword


creating valuable and informational content will get your website indexed by google and your webpage servered up when searchers are looking for content with informational detials on the subject matter there are some questions topics or question that don’t have that enough information searcher are looking for so

If you can identify those keyword or topic and provides more information and valuable content you stand a chance of ranking high on the google Search engine result page.(SERP).

content there say is king if you want to get traffic to your writing content is the first place to start with as you can expect traffic to your website when you don’t have blog post.

3.Google Ads.

Running Google is a great way to get traffic from google as your ads campaign are distributed by google on thier google platform.

When setting up a google ads you get the option to pick where you want to get traffic from and some google platform you can get websotefrom are google search engine, google gmail etc.

to run google ads targeting other google platform you will have to choose other traffic soruce such as Global network distribution (GDN).

4.Google my business.

Submitting your business or website to google business give you an edge over other website that didn’t submit thier website to google my business, Once you submit your website to google my business and you verify your Website, you will start getting traffic when your website matches users search query.

5.Google news.

Aside getting traffic from the google search engine which is also refer to organic traffic.

Google news is also another way to get website from google for free, for you to start getting website traffic from google news all you have to do is to submit your website to google news and wait for an approval from google.

Once your Website is approved and you do write great and quality Content and offer Great service you will start getting traffic from google news.


There are link that from a particular webpage website to another page on either same website or another website.

Google use back link as a ranking factor so to be on the any number of page on the search engine result page you will need backlink point to your blog post and these backlinks should be links from website in the same niches as your website.

7.Website speed.

A slow website will keep your visitor waiting on a webpage for too long to load so you ha e to speed up your wordpress website.

when you website slow very slow it will result in visitor clicking off your website so soon and Early increasing your bounce rate and people clicking off your website will lead google move you to the button page,as your CTR signals to google that your website don’t have enough information on the subject matter.

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