How to get US traffic to your website

If you are you wondering  and have be asking How to get US traffic to your website
then search no further as this blog post tilted How to get US traffic to your website
covers some method with tips and trick as to how you can get traffic from the US
to your website for free, without you getting to spend a dime.

How can I get free traffic in USA?

When it comes to getting free website traffic from the US, then this method are
your best bet as this method will let you get traffic from the US for free to your website.

2.Guest post on website with High Us traffic to their website/blog
3.Join Facebook US group and share your link in a nice way to avoid spamming.

How do I get traffic from USA on Pinterest?.

You may already know about pinterest, but you still don’t know that you can getting traffic
coming in from the US to your website, so i am telling you now that there are many people
online in the US using pinterest as an image search engine to search for information online
So to get US traffic from pinterest, you will need to create a  Business pinterest and create
board and in each board you create you will have to add Pin.

How to get US traffic to your website

1.Target US keyword for your Niche.

If you are want to get traffic from the US using via your content , then you will have to target
and add keyword targeting the US, to for keyword in the US that relate to your Niche
then you will have to Makes use of any Keyword tool.

2.Publish US Specific Content.

Content they say is king, but a quality content is usually
what makes your content not just a content but a content
with the different, So if you want to get traffic from the US
then you have to write content that are US specific for instance
let me say you have a music, or Entertainment blog
you should be writing about content around the US celebrity

3.Local Directories.

Not every in the US first do go to Search  Engine to find or look for service online
Some but go to look at any local Directories first, so it make sense to submit or list
your website on a Local Directories.


5.Google Ads (targeting the US)

Google is not just a search engine they have other service you van use to your own benefit
and one of them is Google Ads, to use google ads to get traffic from the US all you have to do
is to set up an Ads Champaign targeting the US.

6.Search Engine Marketplace.

Search Engine is a place people often many times visit to look for information online
while its the Search Engine job to provide the people with accurate and reliable information
Most of this Search Engine have a Marketplace place where you can Submit your website, business
online so that when people are searching for any information as base on their Geo location
this search engine will show to this people your business if it matches their search query

You can take advantage  of this by submit to website/business using A US address
if you so which, and After submitting your website to this Search Engine Marketplace
if your content match what the user are finding or looking Search Engine put your
website on the SERP.

7.Join Online US Forum

One way to get US traffic to your blog is to join Online Forums with large US audience as well

8.Classified Ads

9.Register .Us Domain Name

Since you are targeting the US then it makes sense to register a .US domain name so that
your website can get featured in a local search in the US if you provide such service to what the
user is looking for online, if you are yet to register a domain name then  you have get a domain name
wondering what is a domain name then you can read more about a domain name here

10.Guest Posting.

11. Write for Us.

There are so many website/webmaster with a huge and large US audience, that means that most of their  website visitors
Comes from the Unites State, and there need quality content to publish and keep their audience more entertainment
Now if you can write for them and you are very knowledgeable about the niche of that website then be rest and sure that
you will get traffic from them as there will not only accept your content but in most case there do allow author or contributors
to leave or add their website link in their bio.

In Some case these website that want you to write for them are not even charging you to pay for them to
publish your content on their website or platform as far as the content is a good and quality content that is
all that matters to them.
To find website or this type of writing opportunity online all you have to do is to
type in your “your niche” + “Write for us” for instance “SEO” + “Write for Us”

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