Top best 16 Online jobs in Nigeria

Are you in Nigeria and have been thinking of online jobs as a job alternative or subordinate work for your current job, then search no further as this blog post titled Top best 16 Online jobs in Nigeria will show you a list of 16 work from home jobs in Nigeria

Getting online jobs in Nigeria is not easy but there are some things you should have that will set you apart from any other applicant or someone searching for online jobs in Nigeria as you are doing, here are those thing that sets you apart and gives you an upper hand in getting any online job and starts working with a company remotely.

1. Having an online Skill.
2. Having a good CV
3. Having Experience In the field you are to apply for.
4. Knowing how to find jobs online.

You can work with any company remotely and get paid in Nigeria as long as you have the online skills it takes to get the job done Benefit of online job in Nigeria. There are so many benefits one gets while working with a company remotely most of these benefits are not included in your salary there are more like a separate package for you while you working with this company remotely, not all companies offer this benefit but some do, but even if you don’t get this benefit from any that you get to work with remotely, their salary structure will still be more than enough for you so below are some of the benefits.

1. Earn in Dollars.
Since there are more companies in the US that want a remote worker like you when you get employed your salary will be in the US dollar and not naira.

2. Career improvement.
While you work with some company remotely, you have the opportunity to improve more on the role or your position at the company table for instance you are working with a company remotely as a Frontend developer you will get to learn some new things about your frontend development job.


4. Holiday.
As far as these companies are based in the US or any other foreign country you get to enjoy, some holidays and take those days as days off work for you.

5. Learning budget.
Some companies will set aside a budget for improving your skill while you are working with them, these companies are setting aside a learning budget for you so that you can update and upgrade your skill set further and as they also believe the more additional knowledge you have will also benefit their company while you work for them.

6. Paid time off.
Some remote companies will pay you for your good service when you want to retire or stop working with them.

7. Medical insurance.
Some of these companies have health insurance that extends to their works so you will benefit from that as well.

8. Vacation.
While working with these companies remotely you do have vacation so that you will have time off work to enjoy yourself and have time with family and friends.

Top best 16 Online jobs in Nigeria.

Looking for jobs online can be a very stressful task and in some cases, if you are not careful while searching for a Job online you may end up being scammed, so for this reason I decided to put together a list of 16 online jobs in Nigeria, below is the list,
Top best 16 Online Jobs in Nigeria.

1. Graphic design job.

There are so many graphic design jobs that you can do online in Nigeria but I will advise you to learn the graphic skills first before applying for any Graphic design job online.

but if you are a graphic designer already then getting this online job will not be difficult for you as you already have a graphic design skill, that qualities you for the job.

Here are some of the places you can find graphic design jobs online You can find graphic design jobs online on the website listed below.

1. Upwork
2. Fiverr.
5. (you will have to upload your graphic design and you earn a commission when it is sold on this website.)

2. Programming jobs.

Programming involves the creation of software that provides a solution to people’s problems, the website in the list below are online place where you can find programming jobs.
6. Upwork.

3. Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant is someone who provides assistance to a company remotely you don’t need to physically be in the office to do that, as you can support a company as a virtual assistant by assisting in answering calls, writing,and replying to the company’s email.
You can find a virtual assistant remote job on this website.

4. Freelancing.

Freelancing involves writing content or articles for companies online there are so many freelancing jobs in regard to writing such as proofreading content writing/creation(there are many writing such as ghost writer, novel writing ) here is a list of websites to find freelancing jobs

5. Online tutoring.

While there are so many people who are set and ready to take online courses these people are ready to pay a token and then have the opportunity to make money online is by you have presented itself to you.
Here is a list of websites that you can apply to become an online tutor/teacher. and upload your teaching in a course format.


6. Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate marketing is earning a commission from the sale of other people’s products you made for them via a referring link or special link the merchant gives you being an affiliate marketer you don’t need to have a website, there are so many websites that offer an affiliate program which you can join and make money.

but before you become an affiliate marketer you will have to first choose the niche of product you want to be affiliated with.Some affiliate program categories include. Web hosting affiliate program(e.g. bluehost, hostinger etc.)

Web builder affiliate program.
Travel affiliate program.
Finance affiliate program.
Fashion affiliate program.
Beauty affiliate program.
Sports affiliate program.

Note: You can join some affiliate offers or programs directly some websites or company affiliate programs are accessible through an affiliate network.

6.Web development.

This involves the creation of a website if you have this skill already then you are in luck as many websites online are looking to hire talent such as yours to get their client job done .

7. Take an online survey.

Online survey involves answering question across various topics online, your answer which this website get as feedback can influence many different decisions.
Here are some websites where you can take online surveys.


8. Video Editing/production.

there are many companies that want to hire you so that you can help them in the creation of videos for their YouTube channel, you will have to sign up on the listed website below and post/publish your motion video/graphics if you have any. (you can also sell your music on pond5 as well)

9. Voice-over artist.

While there are many books that have been translated into movies so also there are So many books that need to be converted into an audio book ,If you have a wonderful voice then it is time to make money online with that natural Gift of yours, as some website have books in stock waiting for you to help them translate those into an audiobook, the acx is a website that does pay you for a service well done .

10. Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is the process of creating exposure for a brand, website, or business online, There are so many websites be it a start-up company or an already established company that need a digital marketer to create more exposure for their brand that will bring in more website visitors which also in return will generate lead for their company.

11. Testing of website.

This are website that pays you for providing information based on the test you perform on a website
that is you are paid for testing the website here are some website that pays you for website testing. consultancy.

While many people are looking for someone to advice them on what to invest in you can make money online by providing them with that consultation and help on what to invest their money.

13. Translating online jobs.

The fact that you are not able to speak English should not be a setback as there are many websites that want to help them translate a language to another for them and you get paid for a job well done as well.

14. Influencer.

If you have a large followers on social media then making money online will not be a difficult task as you already have a large followers. So to start making for money online as an influencer you have to start accepting advertisements from a brand.

15. Sell photos online.

There is no doubt that as a photographer you have so many pictures or photos in your possession that you have snapped during an event or otherwise, it makes sense to upload your photo to the websites listed below to only show or share your work online but to earn from your work as a photographer

16. Data Entry.

As someone who has been a data entry expert for over a decade now, I believe you know that there are some websites that will pay you even while you are in Nigeria and work from home with them, but if you are yet to learn learn the wonderful data entry then YouTube is a website to start with and then later move to improve your skill by further taking online courses on Udemy. data entry online jobs in Nigeria. If you already have data entry skill, then here are a list of website where you can find data entry job online and work from home in Nigeria


Online jobs in USA from Nigeria.

You don’t need to be in the USA to work with any company online if they have a remote job position, all you just have to do is apply for a position that fixes/suite your career but as a beginner who doesn’t know where to find online jobs in the USA then here is a list of 4 websites where you can find and get online job in the USA.

1. Namecheap
Namecheap is a web hosting company that provides host service for both domain name and web host
they are in the US and currently are looking for Nigeria or people like you to work with thm.

You may know facebook as a place for chatting with friends and connecting with people on the internet,
But facebook needs you to join thier team right now.

Amazon online jobs in Nigeria.

As you may know, Amazon is an international company with headquarters in settle, washington USA but again you don’t need to be in the Companies headquarters where Amazon is located as you can work with Amazon online the way to work with Amazon online is to visit their website and create a Kdp account where you can sell books online on amazon online jobs for students in Nigeria that pays.

While you are a student in any School in Nigeria you can also take an online job as a side hustle to earn extra income for yourself Here is a list of online jobs for students in Nigeria that pays

1. Website development
2. Graphic design
3.Affiliate marketing.
4. Youtuber.

5. Programming.
What are the skills required to work online?
The skill needed or required to get an online job vary and depends on the type of job you are applying for, below are some of the skills you will need based on the skill requirement.

1. starting a Youtube channel.
When you want to start a YouTube channel or when you want to become a YouTuber you will need two major things which are. Equipment. Before you start creating videos on YouTube you will need to have equipment such as a camera, laptop or phone(you can start with a phone when on a low budget or don’t have a laptop.) Video editing software/tools. After creating your videos with your camera or phone you will need to edit the video before uploading them to YouTube, then this is when video editing software comes in.

Here are some video editing software you can start with a beginner.
2. Adobe Premier Pro.

2. Digital Marketing.
The skill needed or required for mastering digital marketing are Social Media Marketing (SMM). learning Facebook ads, google ads, Reddit ads, Quora ads etc. Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) learning how to find keywords using keyword tools like ahrefs, sumrush, etc.

3. Starting a website.
One way of making money online is to start a website but if you don’t know how to get started then here is a guide from me, when you want to build a website you will need to have two things in mind, first which is having a domain name and a web hosting account and secondly building your website. having a domain name

and a web hosting account. To have a domain name you will need to know or learn how to register a domain name and connect it to your web hosting account. Now secondly you need to have the skill of building a website. there are three ways to build a website which are using Code, using CMS, and using a template, If you are to build as a beginner then you should learn how to build a website using WordPress which is a CMS.

4. Programming.

The skill need to become a programmer are some required skills you need to learn python, php, react, and JavaScript.

5. Graphics designer.
To become a graphic designer here are the skills or tools you must learn Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator,
you don’t need to learn all three of of the graphic design software you just need to learn alone.

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