How to Reactivate a closed AdSense account

There is no doubt that if you have too many projects your are working on, and you have a google adsense account you have forgotten to login and check on, for a very long time

your google adsense account will be closed for been inactive, So if your google adsense account happened to be closed then this blog post titledd How to Reactivate a closed AdSense account will show you how to unlocked your google adsense account.

You may have to hire other hands to help you, but if it happens that google adsense happens to be among the account you have not checked for a while or long time now.

there is no doubt that your adesens accout will definitely be closed by google for been inactive.

What happens if you close your AdSense account.

The account will no longer be active when you close it, and google gives you the ability to also withdraw the balance you have in the account either during or before closing the account.

Can I apply for a second AdSense account after closing the first one?

You can do so but if you want to do so them you will need to use a different gmail rather.

Can I close my AdSense account and open a new one with the same email?

you can close your google adsnense accout but creating a new google adsense account will that same gmail is not possible.

Why you should reactivate a closed AdSense accout.

Insisted of you letting your google adsense account be closed down by google or not in use it makes sense to exchange your account for a little extra buck.

Here are two reasons why you should
reactive your closed google adsense account

1.Reactive your closed google adsense account if you still want to use it.

2.Reactive your closed google adsense account if you still want to sell it.

How to Reactivate a closed AdSense account.

You can reactivate your closed AdSense account that have be google by google and start using it again.

So to reactivate your account:

Step 1:
Sign in to your AdSense account.
You have to sign in your adsesne account before you can be able to reactive it.

Step 2:
Click Reactivate account.
So that you can place a request for google to re activate your closed account.

Step 3:

Resubmit your site for approval.
if you have a website on your google adsense account you have to reactivate the ads using your adsesne account.

Then google will check your site to determine if it’s ready to show ads and meets if the site meets the google AdSense Program policies. This usually takes a few days, but in some cases it can take 2-4 weeks.

so be patience with google for it will seems like you are starting all over for google adsense application from step one
Google will let you know when they are done completed with the checks and your site is ready to show ads again.

Note: If your account is inactive for 10 years, you won’t be able to access or reactivate your account.

so insisted of loosing your google adsense account reactive it and sell it out if you don’t need it.

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