what is a domain name

If you want to build a website then a domain name is one of the first thing you should get.but if you are still confused about how to get a domain name
The. Worry no more.

so in these blog post titled what is a domain name I will be explaining to you what a domain name is, what ou should know about a domain name.

What is a domain name

A domain name is the name of your website that is the name or address people type into search engine to get/find your website online.

A perfect Example of a domain name is

Type of domain name.

There are so many type of domain on the internet, but for a beginner like you who don’t know the type of domain name

How to register a domain name.

To register a domain name may sound a bit difficult, especially if you have not register a domain name before,so here is the first thing to do when you want to register a Domain name.

1.Coming up with the keyword/phase you want to register as the Domain name.

You will have to come up with a phrase for or wordyou want to use for your domain name.

is not that easy for instance, if you want to register a domain name for your food business you can make use of your personal name or any other

pease you like or want if your name is John you can add your name to the type of business you do that is johnfood or if you don’t know how to come up with a phrase to register as a domain name then you can make use of Domain name generator.

2. Now how to register the domain name is the next step, first of all pick or you any domain name registar.

You can use namecheap for registering and buying your domain name. Now visit the namecheap website and type in that phrase,you are about to register.

what is a domain name generator.

A domain name generator helps you generate a domain name for your website oronline business from the phrase or Keyword you enter into the domain name generator search bar.

if you can brain storm phrase or can’t come up with a keyword to registar as your domain name, then a domain name generator is what

you should make use of a domain name to save you the time and stress of figuring out what Keyword to registar as a domain name.

with a domain name generator the tool will help you check for available domain name and its domain me extension as well.

2.Register the keyword/phrase.

Now after coming up with the phrase or keyword to ruse as your domain name you have seal and secure the domain name by to registering the phrase to make it a domain

name, so to do these pick any domain me registar such as Namecheap, or godaddy to register that Keyword.
so in this case let registar the domain name using namecheap

z. Pick Domain name registar.
Now you have know what it takes to register a domain name, but to register a domain name you need a domain name registar to register your domain name and host the domain name , Here are some of the best place online to register your domain name.


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