how to create a landing page in WordPress

Having a landing page for your business or website gives you a great opportunity
for collecting customers information such as gmail, contact information and among
other information you want to collect from your website visitors or customer,
If your website is built using WordPress then you don’t have to worry about integrating
a Landing page software or platform into your WordPress website, as i will be showing you
how to create a landing page in WordPress in this blog blog post how to create a landing page in WordPress.

5 importance of landing page

There are so many as to why you should create and have a landing page if in case you don’t
have a landing page on your WordPress website, but if you are not thinking of having a landing page
then you should consider this following reason and create one now or soonest.

1.For Specific Audience targetting.

You cant tell from where all your website traffic will come from, but if you want
to get a Specific website traffic coming from a particular country then you can use
a landing Page to achieve that, let me say you have a write a Content about a country like the
US and you want people online in the US to read that blog post or content then you will
create landing page and target the US audience and send them to the content that says
about US, this method will work for any other country as well.

2.To increase Sales.

Having a landing page is a great way to increase or generate sale for your product you are selling
online,aside SEO, Ads and other promotional method of generating sales, a landing page
is also a Sales promotion method for getting Sale as well.
If you want to get website

3.For getting Email Subscribers to your website.
4.Increase Webinar Engagement
5.To promote your Digital Product.

6.For giveaway.

Let say to you want to run a giveaway package creating a landing page will help you to
let your audience to been informed of the giveaway and to know the time you want to start the giveaway.


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