what is a wordpress theme.

If your choice of content management system is WordPress that is your website is built using WordPress, then after installing WordPress on your domain name the next thing for you to do is to find, pick, and install a WordPress theme, so

In this blog post titled What is a WordPress theme, I will explain to you what is a WordPress theme, how to find and install one.

what is WordPress theme.

A wordpress theme is a folder that contains a set of code that when installed and activated on your WordPress website it changes stylesheet, and the entire website looks and feel as well.

every WordPress theme comes with the following files which are namely.


But you don’t need to make any changes to this file I am just letting you know about them.

Do I need a WordPress theme?

if your website is using built on WordPress then you need a WordPress theme installed on your website, having a wordpress theme will add many features stop your site such as widgets, a sidebar, menus,template etc.

Can you have 2 themes in WordPress?.

you can have more than one wordpress themes on your website but, it is not advisable to have two theme on your wordpress website., having only one theme is recommended.

So if you check and see that you have that you have two theme installed in your website just click on Appearance and click on theme , you will see the two theme currently installed on your wordpress website just click on the theme you don’t want, and click on delete to get the theme off your website.

What is Elementor in WordPress?

Elementor is a wordpress page builder that you can use to build and design a custom page for your WordPress website, Elementor is not a wordpress theme but rather it is a WordPress plugin that can be installed and activated on your WordPress website.

where and how to Find a WordPress theme.

1.The WordPress Theme Directory.

If you have a WordPress theme in mind to install on your website, one of the easiest ways to find and install the theme is via the wordpress theme directory.

to find a theme on the theme directory is easy, log into your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Appearance and under Appearance will see theme click on it.

now click on Add new and search for the theme you want to install.

2.Directly From WordPress Theme Developers.
if you can’t find a wordpress theme on the wordpress theme directory you can find amd download them from the theme.


Checking market place like Envato is a great way to find WordPress theme of you are having a. difficult time finding one on the wordpress theme directory.

Example of marketplaces to find WordPress themes are https://themeforest.net/,
envato, etc.

How to install a WordPress theme.

Now you know what is a wordpress theme as well as how to find a WordPress theme in the above section of this blog post now you need to know how to install and activate a wordpress theme on your website.

to install a wordpress theme login into your WordPress admin and click on Appearance.

if you already have a wordpress theme installed on your wordpres website and your looking for a way to change or update your wordpress theme then this article will walk you through the process.

Top best 7 free wordpress themes.

As a beginner I will always suggest for you to kick start your brand new website with a free wordpress theme, there are many free wordpress theme that are suitable for any kind of website you want to build, while some WordPress theme can be are suitable for a specific niche there are also some wordpress theme that are multi- purpose theme, that is there can be used for building any kind of WordPress website.

Here is a list free of free WordPress.

1. Oceanwp.
2. Astra.
4. Hestia.
5. Hegman
6. Sydney
7. Neve.

What is the difference between a WordPress theme and a template?

A theme will affect the entire website when is installed and activated on a WordPress website whole the template will, template will add more features like sidebar to your website.

Can I make a WordPress theme without coding?

Yes, you can make a WordPress theme without you getting to know any single line of code let alone
multiple line of code, to build a custom theme.

To build a wordpress theme without coding you will need to make use of a page builder to achieve that,of as a beginner you don’t have an idea of page builder then here is a list for you to check.

2.Beaver builder.

Is it better to make your own WordPress theme?

Well for a beginner like you who is just getting started in wordpress I will advise you to use the free WordPress themes that are available for building your WordPress website to save you time cusommtion and start building your website using any free theme for now, and later you can make your own WordPress theme if you like.

if you are to go with the option of making your own wordpress theme, then you have two option of achieving that .

1.You can make your own wordpress themes
with a page builder and secondly

2.You can make your own wordpress theme using codes.

to make your own theme using code will be depending on the level of basic html, css and php programming language you know
as this language is what you need to know before you can be able to build a custom wordpress themes or hire a wordpress developer to build a wordpress theme for our.

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