How to set up wp24 check domain

There are sometimes when you want to website visitors to be able to check for a domain availability on your website without them getting to leaves your WordPress website

or you want to buy a domain name and want them to check for availability of a domain name before purchasing it, then a WordPress domain name checker plugin can handle it all that for you.

What is domain checker?

A domain name checker is a tool or software that you can use to find or see if any phrase/word or keyword can be registered as a domain name for your website, before purchasing it.

What is an example of a domain name. just in case you have forgotten what are some examples of a domain name then here are some
list of example of a domain name.

WP24 domain checker feature.

there are many WordPress domain name checker but wp24 seem to be unique in it own way as the following features may this WordPress plugin a considerable option among the list of WordPress domain be checker

WP24 Domain Check

Version: 1.10.0
these plugin currently have a 1.10.0 version as of this time of witting this blog post

Author: WP24

Requires WordPress Version:
the plugin however requires a  5.0 or higher version of WordPress

Compatible up to: 6.0.2

Requires PHP Version: 5.6.0 or higher
Active Installations: 3,000+
the plugin have a current 3000+ installation as at the time of writing this blog post
4.5 rating based on 25 rating
(based on 25 ratings)

WP24 Domain Check allows users to check domains if they are free for registration.
h e form could be easily integrated via short code or widget on your WordPress website Labels and colors are customizable through the settings page.

Easy integration via short code or widget
this is the ability to integrate wp24

Ajax based search (no page reload required)
Define a list of testable TLDs
Drop-down list (select the TLD from predefined list)
Free text input (type TLD into domain name field)

Over 1,500 supported TLDs
Possibility of checking every TLD
Internationalized domain name (IDN) support
Check all TLDs simultaneously (asynchronous)

Show detailed whois information (if domain is registered)
Provide price and purchase link for each TLD
Woo Commerce integration

Responsive design
Bot protection with re Captcha (version 2 and 3)
Customization of labels and colors
WPML and Polylang compatible

wp24 is a WordPress domain name checker plugin can help checker for domain that has not yet be registered and are up for purchase.
after installing and activating the plugin it is now
time to know how to set it come on your WordPress website so below are the step

How to set up wp24 check domain

step 1
login to your WordPress dashboard admin area and click on plugin on the left hand side panel of the admin area and click new to add a new plugin

step 2
install and active wp24 domain name checker since we know the name of the WordPress plugin finding it, wouldn’t be a problem
so type in the name wp24 domain check, now install the plugin and wait for about 3 seconds to active it

step 3
create a page/post

now the plugin is installed and activate on your WordPress website so create a page or post where user can input a domain
and checker it availability on the internet to create either either a page or post
on the left hand side of your admin dashboard click on post/page depends on the one you want to create then click new


to add wp24 short to the newly created post/page you have to find the short then copy and paste in the page or WordPress post you want add the shortcode

to get your short code of wp24 check domain click on setting on your WordPress dashboard and from the drop-down menu click on WP24
check domain and it takes you to the WP24 Domain Check Settings page in your admin dashboard area.
now copy the code below and paste it into the page you to display wp24 check domain checker to appearance on.

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