12 blog post ideas generator for your entertainment blog.

Running an entertainment blog is not an easy task, as you will have to kept up with the lastest and trending event, so that you becomes the frist or among top blogger to carry and blog about the latest in the entertainment world, this blog post title 12 blog post ideas generator for your entertainment blog, will show you step of Generating blog post for your entertainment blog.

But as a beginner, who don’t know where, how to find and comes up with post blog for your entertainment blog then here are some tips and tricks that will help you come up with great blog post or your entertainment blog.

What is an entertainment blog.

An entertainment blog is a blog that post or carries news and information around freestyle, celebrity news, movies etc.

12 blog post ideas generator entertainment blogger.

If you already have an entertainment blog then this guideline on how yo generate entertainment blog post will guide of you and makes you come up with blog post idea very fast and quick for your entertainment blog.

1.keyword research tools.

Keyword is what set the foundation of your SEO champaign, one great way to get or generate blog post idea is to use keyword research tools.

How to find entertainment keyword using keyboard research tool.

If you Have an idea of the topic you want to write about that is related to your niche and type in that keyword into any keyword research tool of your choice and hit the search bar, if your blog is new I will suggest you pick keyword with high search volume that have low keyword difficulty score so that you can start to rank for those keyword with time.


One way of generating blog post for your entertainment blog is to use google, I mean the google search all you have to do is to type in any word related to your niche or related to your entertainment blog, as you type the phrase in google, google will suggest related phrase that match the word you want to search, you will see the list of related word, write them down and start to create topic around them.

3.Follow celebrity on thier social media handle.

while you follow celebrities on thier social media handles such as facebook, X (formerly called twitter, instagram you can easily come up with blog post idea for your entertainment blog by making a blog post of any latest happening any celebritirs post on thier social media handle.

4.Subscribe to Entertainment brand/website newsletter.

One way of getting traffic is to subscribe to some entertainment brand or website, what you will benefit is that whenever the entertainment brand or blog releases any entertainment news, you will get a notification in your Gmail, once you receive thier blog post or you will just have to click on the email

there sent you and you will be directed to thier website now all you have to do is to read their blog post, and rewrite it the news on your entertainment blog, but please don’t copy and paste thier blog post, as it will affect your blog SEO negativity.

5.follow entertainment brand on thier social media handle.

If you can’t subscribe to any entertainment brand/website you can follow them on social media, there are so many top entertainment brand/website on facebook, all you have to do is to find or know a reliable and quality entertainment blog that releases quality entertainment information/news

6.Hubspot.com/blog post genetor.

Hubspot is not just a content management system as hubspot have a blog post idea generator you can use to come up with post idea for your entertainment blog.

7.Google news.

Google news is a really platfrom that gives well informed, detailed entertainment news all the website you will found there are index and displayed by google, all the website have be been categorized into different categories so just click on entertainment and click on any of the website and read thier blog post and write same blog post title please don’t copy and paste thier content.


Another way of generating blog post for your entertainment blog is by using youtube, but if you are wondering how you can do that then here is my little explaination for you visit the youtube website search for any video related to Entertainment blog and watch the video and after that try to create a blog post from the code as base on your understanding of the subject matter as regard your niche.

9.Reach out to celebrity.

Reaching out to celebrity, checking on them and asking them a few and thier next move, is one way to generate a blog post idea for your entertainment audience who have not heard from a particular artist whose thier are a fan to.

10.Collect a survey from your audience and ask them what they want you to post.

11. Host celebrities on your show or platfrom.

If you have a platfrom or you do organize shows, then it will be worth inviting and host a celebrity on the show, and after you are done then listen to the audio conversation you had with the celebrity during the show and create a blog post out of the event.


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